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For some reason the topic of deportation and government agents came up when Jay and I were talking earlier this week. I recalled a couple of occasions of interest to this topic from my past work life and Jay said I should write about them as he was pretty sure I hadn't— he knew I had long ago lost the ability to distinguish between stories I have told on my pages and stories I have told.

The first story is of a patient who had been committed to the state hospital I was working at because she kept contacting a man she had met on vacation and stalking him. I can't recall that she actually threatened or attacked him so in looking back it is surprising that she was committed at all. The more interesting part is that she spoke no English and had flown here from Europe. The woman had met the American man while they were both on vacation in Europe. Apparently they became quite friendly with each other during that time and then the man came home and thought that was that. However, the woman had other ideas and came over here to see him several times, each time being sent away by the man and each time she became more insistent in her contacts. By the time I met the woman she was quite focused on the gentleman, had spent her last franc to seek him out once again and had no way to get home, even if she wished to. I spent quite a bit of energy calling US Immigration multiple times. They were familiar with the lady and put me off, saying they could not just send her back with no money and place to go and they had no more budget to anyway. I was able to call and speak with one of her family members over there with the assistance of an interpreter. The family member expressed frustration in dealing with the woman's fixation on the man here but did say she should return to her home country and she could stay with them. Cool beans. The people at US Immigration had gotten to know my name as well as that of the young lady in question because I continued to call, emphasizing the expense she was causing the state. Finally one day Immigration called me and said they had funding to pick up the woman and have an immigration official accompany her to her home country. Ah, the intricacies of discharge planning never cease.

The officials who came to pick up that lady looked very official. I was familiar with that official look from watching The Blues Brothers movie and because I had met a man from the US Secret Service a year earlier. That agent had come to interview one of my patients who had written a threatening letter to the President. The agent had on a black suit, white shirt, really narrow black tie and carried his hat since we were indoors. When he introduced himself and flashed his badge I think I said something like "Oh yeah, you look the part". He must have been tired or something 'cause the agent didn't even respond. Nothing eventful happened and I let the agent out of the locked unit when he was done. Not everything interesting is exciting.

When a person can no longer laugh at himself, it is time for others to laugh at him.— Thomas Szasz


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