September Cooling 2016

I am still pooped. Oh well.

I have been working on things in the yard, moving and dividing and cutting off dead parts. I have to wait until evening so that I don't get much sunlight on my skin, which has an awful red rash thing going on my neck right now, plus other spots. I did not do any yard work Thursday or Friday then did a vigorous amount last night and today I pay... so none tonight or for the next day or so. It is a hard lesson to learn, how to pace oneself. Part of the difficulty is that each time it is different. What a game! The rules change each time you play.

The picture to the left is of my lipstick plant in the kitchen window blooming. It is not much of a plant in between blooming, but a couple of times a year it is glorious. If you click on it you can get some perspective.

Today it is lovely out, sunny and about 70 degrees. Most days have been cooler and the nights now get down into the 40s regularly. I picked the last of the green beans yesterday and was surprised to find my cherry tomato plant turned mostly black. So much for those.

I think the apple tree did this once before. It has sprouted a little bunch of apple blossoms. I think the tree did not know what to do with rain after that long dry spell so it celebrated with flowers. The photo to the right is a close up and links to a picture of the tree it is on.

I am terrified for Hillary Clinton tomorrow, having to face a racist, misogynist, bully who will say and do much worse things than she ever thought of and not be criticized. What an awful man. It is heart-breaking to know how awful so many Americans who support Trump are at heart.

Jay and I struggle to feel decent and be able to do what we want to do. We are not that old, but it feels like we are. Here's to things improving for our country and the world, and for ourselves. Ciao!

Sometimes luck isn't a good thing that happens to you. Sometimes luck is everything staying just the way it is.— Jeanne Ray, Julie and Romeo Get Lucky

I am pooped. What a surprise!

I had a busy weekend, kind of, and so now I need to rest more than usual. Saturday I met with 2 old friends for lunch and it was very nice as we had not been able to get together since April. I drove down to Everett and one friend drove us to meet the third friend in Kirkland. That is a long day for me. On Sunday Jay and I went to a movie at the local Lincoln Theatre. It featured cellist Yo Yo Ma and was called The Music of Strangers. It was about him connecting with musicians around the world and performing music together. It was quite wonderful.

Monday I had to go to the library and get some groceries so now I am wiped out and home for a few days.

I have pretty much finished getting Carrie on housing wait lists and now she has her SSD appeal hearing tentative date of January 19th. I hope that all works out...

At the beginning of this entry is a picture of bowling ball yard art, and if you click on it you can go to a news article about lots more of that. The picture on the right is of an outline of Africa and within it are all the other countries that would fit inside of it. If you click on it you can read an interesting article about how we mis-perceive Africa's size and why. It is good.

National politics are awful these days. The news is full of comments about how Clinton is perceived as not trustworthy and that people don't know who she is. That is pretty weird since we all know Trump is not trustworthy and we know who he is but it is TMI (too much information). The public has been able to watch Clinton for 25 years now, so either they (mostly the press) have not been paying attention or they just don't like humans with vaginas. I suspect the latter. Clinton is accused of wanting to abolish gun rights, simply because she is in favor of gun registration and background checks. Why is it that we cannot have background checks for all gun purchases? I still don't understand who it is that cannot pass a background check but that we still want to be able to have a gun. I wish schools would teach critical thinking, or at least just thinking...

Well, good luck with that stuff. Ciao!

But Charley [his dog] doesn't have our problems. He doesn't belong to a species clever enough to split the atom but not clever enough to live in peace with itself.— John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley

September has certainly brought cooler weather this year. Now I am hoping we have a warm spell, "Indian Summer", this fall. I have gotten plenty of my gold cherry tomatoes but my larger plum or paste tomatoes are still all green. Some heat might fix that...

Last week I drove Carrie and Max around to see the low income and senior/disabled apartment complexes I have gotten her on the wait list for. It was a tiring day and both of us took some time to recover.

Saturday we went to an evening concert at the local Lincoln Theatre. We had gotten tickets a month or two ago, to see Maria Muldaur. Her name links to a youtube song of hers, I'm A Woman. It was a very good concert and Maria spent a lot of time talking about the history of her songs and who she had known and worked with, which made it more interesting. It started at 7:30pm and we got out a bit before 10pm, perfect timing for me. It was a nice concert and evening but wore me out for Sunday.

I am trying to do a little each evening in the yard. I have to wait until the yard is mostly shadows so I don't aggravate my skin lupus, but now that is an hour earlier that it was even a month ago. I am moving some plants and splitting others to neaten things up. I had decided on most ot the moves early in the summer but waited until cooler weather and the end of our July/August no rain months. A little bit at a time...

It is late, 9:17pm, and I am pooped. Later, ciao!

"I myself," said Duquet, "despise the gloomy and unruly forest, even while recognizing that it is a source of wealth and comforts. Yet I would never make a garden alluding to it."

"Of course you would not. You do not understand the saying 'tian ren he yi'. It refers to a state of harmony between people and nature. You do not feel this. No European does. I cannot explain it to you. It is a kind of personal philosophy for each person, yet it is everything."

— Annie Proulx, in Barkskins

September immediately started ushering in fall weather here. We actually got some rain in the last week or so, 2 inches plus. There is a chance of rain today and so far it is only 64 degrees. I wonder if we will get a hot blast in a week or two, or not?

Today I took the photos here. The one at the top of the page is of the apple trees next to our front porch and it links to a larger, different view. As you can see the sedums by Jay's parking spot are turning their autumn reddish. The photo to the left is a shot of our front yard from the porch, our hummingbird feeder prominently featured. That photo links to one that was on reddit that is amusing...

We have gotten quite a few figs and Italian plums from Jay's trees, despite the squirrel's interest in the plums. The apple trees have quite a bit of black spot again, but there will be a number of good ones for us. We are still picking orange cherry tomatoes and green beans, but harvest is winding down the coolness in the air is telling me.

I have been trying really hard to be more active, even though I have a lot of aches and pains afterwards. I have gotten Carrie on a number of subsidized housing waiting lists in our area and hope that her SSD will get approved at her appeal later this year.

I remembered a story my mom told me just the other day and asked my dad about it yesterday. When I was kid she had told me that when she was a senior in high school she heard a rumor that two guys had raced between Eaton Rapids and Charlotte and that she hoped it was not that Don Jardot, but later found out it was. Yesterday my dad's response was, "Is that right?" So I asked him if it was true and he said it "might be."

I disliked the hot heat but do hope it warms back up to 70! Have a nice Labor Day, ciao.

There were days he couldn't help feeling fucked with. If there was a God, his primary source of amusement seemed to be toying with all the poor little bastards he'd without invitation created. Carl himself was a case in point. Give a man a dick, arrange things so that it rules his life, then poison the little gland that makes the dick work and watch what he does. Seen from God's point of view, maybe this was just good sport, a fleeting release from the monotony of omnipotence. Because if you were God, it stood to reason your real enemy would be boredom. Sully remembered as a kid studying the ants on the sidewalk out front of the family house on Bowdon Street after he'd finished eating a melting Popsicle. Hundreds of the little fuckers, maybe thousands, all programmed to perform in unison a task Sully couldn't fathom. From their well-ordered ranks, he'd select a single ant and prevent it from doing the one thing it clearly wanted to, forcing it left or right with his Popsicle stick, farther and farther away from the moving current of its fellows, marveling that its tiny brain was incapable of processing what was happening. The only sensible play would be to abandon the struggle until the giant who was thwarting its purpose became disinterested and moved on, probably to torment some other poor creature, but clearly the ant was not programmed to desist. It wanted what it wanted. So maybe God was just a kid with a stick—vaguely curious but incapable of empathy for anything so small and insignificant.— Richard Russo, Everybody's Fool, (a very enjoyable read)

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